Easy ways to get cryptos

First and best for me is

- Best thing about this website is that if you have 30,000 satoshi or more in wallet on that website, every day you get interest on that amount. Yearly interest is 4,08%, every day it's about 0,01%, I know it's not much but it's free satoshi and you don't have to do a thing.

- Next great thing is it's has hourly faucet, where you can earn up to 200$ worth of satoshi, for each faucet withdraw you get reward points and lottery tickets. Lottery is drawn once a week and 1st place is usually about 1+ BTC. Reward points can be redeemed for higher faucet payouts, more lottery tickets per faucet withdraw and much more.

- There is dice game Hi Lo if you like that kind of things, I personally don't like gambling. But if you gamble you get higher faucet payouts also.

- Don't have time to click, they also have mining page, it's advertised with this line in middle of page "Use your browser to passively mine and earn bitcoins! Click here to read more.", just click on that select how many cores to use and on how much power to go, and leave it mine. I have that open all the time.

- They have great referral program, so if you invite friends they will earn amounts as they would without you referring them, but you will get bonus satoshi.

2nd is Eobot

- Best thing about eobot is that you can start cloud mining with no deposits at all. Website has faucet and with 1 faucet claim you can start cloud mining. It's very easy. You go to upper menu Products->Faucet, solve captcha and get currency that you have selected for mining (default is BTC). Once you have withdrawn, select Account->Exchange in middle of page, exchange BTC for cloud mining, and there you go, you are mining without any deposits. Faucet is dailly. If you decide you want to deposit, you can deposit very low amounts, for BTC it's 20,000 satoshi and up, and exchange for some other currency right on website, or but hashpower with it.

- Don't like BTC mining, no problem on left/top side select some other currency you want to mine, very easy.

3rd is Minergate

- Best thing about minergate is that when you pay cloud mining once, you don;t have to pay it never again, because when you want to buy more hash power you just pay from mined balance on their page, no withdrawals needed. Later when you have enough hash power you can just mine to threshold and withdraw satoshi to your BTC address.

- They also have PC miner app, i don't really use it, since i use mining on, but there are like 10 different crypto coins that you could mine with their app.

I also use bestexchange, it's website for looking up exchange prices, but it has hourly faucet where you can earn up to 1,000 satoshi every hour, you can submit for withdrawal when you reach 2,000, I use it to deposit on my account.

And I use 3 android apps that are from same developer, so earnings from all 3 apps goes to same account.

1st app -

2nd app -

3rd app -

If you use my referral code DGDBC you can get up to 1,000 satoshi right on start, you can claim from all 3 apps once every 15 minutes. They payout every friday if you submit for withdrawal, and you can submit when you reach 20,000 satoshi for Coinbase account, 20,000 for Xapo and 50,000 for external BTC address, no fee on all 3 payment options.

I collect doge coins as well, and this is best website for collecting them, and yes it's exact copy of, only there is no daily interest.

Coinpot Faucet's that I use every day, they have a lot of various bonuses, and don't need to claim every few minutes, just claim once a day and you will be fine.

Bitcoin faucet Moonbit

Dogecoin faucet Dogecoin

Litecoin faucet Litecoin

Dash faucet Dashbit